Dental Work and Holidays: A Guide for Travellers

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Dental Work and Holidays: A Guide for Travellers

Just because you go on holiday, doesn't mean that the bacteria on your mouth does. Hi! My name is Mandi, and as a lover of travelling, I have taken a lot of trips. Unfortunately, I have also had the misfortune to suffer from dental issues on those trips. This blog focuses on everything related to travelling and dental work. I plan to have posts on picking the right travel insurance for your teeth, dealing with a broken tooth when abroad, dental tourism and more. I hope that you find the information that you need and that your next holiday goes well. Now, let's smile together from wherever we are in the world! Happy travels!

How Teeth Whitening Can Improve Your Life

Although most people aspire to have a healthy white smile, teeth may get discoloured by lifestyle habits, such as tobacco use. The type of foods and drinks you eat or drink also affect your teeth colour. On other occasions, teeth staining can be caused by poor dental hygiene, ageing or the use of certain medications. If teeth discolouration impacts your personal life and confidence, you should talk to a dentist about available teeth whitening solutions. Read More 

What’s It Like Kissing With Braces?

It takes a little time for new braces to truly feel like they're part of your mouth. Eating can be a curious experience at first, with the orthodontic additions to your teeth making the simple acts of biting and chewing feel slightly clumsy, but don't worry. You will quickly get used to your new braces, and it won't be long until they feel perfectly natural. But what about something else that you may want to do with your mouth? Read More 

Common Mistakes People Make When Using Dentures

A dazzling smile can go a long way, so when one or more of your teeth are missing, it's normal to want to replace them. Dentures are a popular type of false teeth, as they provide a natural look. If you're considering them, here are some common mistakes you need to avoid. Not Brushing as Usual False teeth aren't susceptible to cavities in the same way that natural ones are. However, brushing your teeth is about much more than cavity prevention. Read More 

Get Dental Veneers Today From a Dentist for These 4 Excellent Benefits

Dental veneers are an excellent solution for people with dental issues like gaps, stains, and cracks. But veneers are permanent, and therefore installing them in your teeth is a big decision. If you are not sure if you should get a dentist to install dental veneers, here are four benefits the treatment will offer you. 1. They Offer an Instant Solution Veneers address issues such as cracks, discolouration, and gaps. If you use other conventional methods to fix these issues, you might spend months or even years to achieve the outcome that you want. Read More 

4 Recurring Dental Health Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

Many dental health conditions start as minor issues that often go untreated. When certain problems start recurring, they may signal an underlying condition that requires the attention of a dentist. If you ignore these issues, they may jeopardise your dental health and overall wellness. With this in mind, here are four recurring dental health problems that you should stop ignoring. Tooth sensitivity It's normal to experience tooth sensitivity after drinking ice-cold drinks. Read More